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Hair Care tips in Monsoon

In monsoon, you often face hair fall, greasy hair, dandruff or itchy scalp. Enjoy this monsoon with a hot cup of coffee, lazy Sundays and beautiful hair everyday with these top 4 easy hair care tips! 1. Use Mild Shampoo – Washing your hair with a mild shampoo keeps your hair and scalp clean and […]

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Top 4 Easy Hair Care Tips For This Monsoon

In monsoon, you often face with hair situations, such as hair fall, greasy hair, dandruff or itchy scalp. Enjoy this monsoon with hot cup of coffee’s, lazy Sunday’s and Beautiful hair every day with these top 4 easy hair care tips! Use Mild Shampoo, Washing your hair with a mild shampoo keeps your hair and […]

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid Before Blow Drying

1. Unraveling wet hair They look more resistant and stronger, but it’s just the opposite! Wet hair is sensitive and delicate Make sure your hair is dried to 80%, minimum, before brushing, to avoid breakage. Do not prepare hair 2. Fancy a little brushing but you’re afraid your hair will get damaged? Do not panic […]

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Short Haircut & Hairstyles for Women


Short haircuts have been worn by some of the most influential celebrity women from Anushka to Priyanka to Kangana and changing your hairstyle can be a liberating and rewarding experience giving a youthful appearance that can make you look and feel beautiful. Whether it be a Pixie, Bob, Long Lob, choosing the right hairstyle and […]

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Understanding Different Hair Textures

We give you the information to build your knowledge and understanding of the latest forming techniques to achieve stunning styles whatever the conditions…Use the terminology and ideas below to increase your vocabulary and understanding of hair textures and how they can affect the results of different forming techniques. Remember that all these techniques interact with […]

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Beautiful hair adds some kind of personality to your image and naturally beautifies you. An attractive hairdo makes you the “eye candy” while, if there are visible dandruff flakes, you are certainly being eyed for a different reason.Here are some natural hair care tips, which will help you maintain healthy locks:1. Nutritious diet and a […]

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The Importance of Professional Bridal Hair and Makeup

Before I started doing makeup, I thought “We all do our own makeup every day, what difference does it really make to have a professional do it?” Same goes with hair. What difference does it make if I already know how to do my own hair? After doing hair and makeup for brides and photographers […]

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16 Ways To Protect Your Hair From The Summer Sun

protect your hair

The American musician has described summer fun to a T. Summer means vacations and the outdoors after months of spending time cooped inside the house. In short, summer is the best time of our lives!We all know how the hot summer sun is harmful for our skin and we take due precautions for it. But […]

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