Honouring Independence Day!

independence day

Freedom begins with giving and sharing and festivity happens when opportunity takes off. At Studio11 Salon & Spa we put stock in sharing and giving, that why we bring you this energising offer. Celebrate the freedom and enjoy the advantages of our Independence Day offer!

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Hair Care tips in Monsoon

Monsoon season is always loved by everyone. Everything becomes enjoyable in this weather. But there is one thing that is very unloved is our hair. Monsoon hair care can be a big task. As in the rainy season, our hair tends to become weaker and more damaged which increases the chance of hair fall. But […]

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Summer Skin Care Tips

Change your face wash Summer makes your skin produce excess oil which can cause clogged pores and acne. Oily skin needs a foaming cleanser that contains Salicylic acid. Dry or combination skin needs a nin soapy face wash twice a day and normal skin needs a gel based face wash. Check out our phenomenal range […]

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Top 4 Easy Hair Care Tips For This Monsoon

In monsoon, you often face with hair situations, such as hair fall, greasy hair, dandruff or itchy scalp. Enjoy this monsoon with hot cup of coffee’s, lazy Sunday’s and Beautiful hair every day with these top 4 easy hair care tips! Use Mild Shampoo, Washing your hair with a mild shampoo keeps your hair and […]

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid Before Blow Drying

1. Unraveling wet hair They look more resistant and stronger, but it’s just the opposite! Wet hair is sensitive and delicate Make sure your hair is dried to 80%, minimum, before brushing, to avoid breakage. Do not prepare hair 2. Fancy a little brushing but you’re afraid your hair will get damaged? Do not panic […]

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5 Beauty Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Getting In A Flap Over

There are so many beauty rules and regulations set by the media but realistically none of us will ever be able to follow them to the letter — be it time, energy, understanding or finances preventing us from doing so. Although there are certain things worth either avoiding or adopting. Here are the five ‘mistakes’ […]

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Short Haircut & Hairstyles for Women


Short haircuts have been worn by some of the most influential celebrity women from Anushka to Priyanka to Kangana and changing your hairstyle can be a liberating and rewarding experience giving a youthful appearance that can make you look and feel beautiful. Whether it be a Pixie, Bob, Long Lob, choosing the right hairstyle and […]

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Five Reasons Why People Love Airbrush Makeup

What is Airbrush Makeup? Dissimilar to traditional cosmetics procedures where makeup is connected with fingers, wipes, Brushes and different mediums; Airbrush makeup on skin utilizes an airbrush trigger or gun. Airbrushed makeup was first used in the film 1959 Ben Hur, where the makeup artists used the technique to apply makeup to a large cast, […]

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This Raksha Bandhan gift your sister a STUDIO11 Experience

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most beloved festivals in India. Celebrated across the country in different forms, this auspicious function reflects the bond of a brother and sister, reinforcing the brother’s promise to protect and care for his sister as long as he lives. Your sister definitely loves receiving presents in pretty packages, and […]

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