Hair Care tips in Monsoon

In monsoon, you often face hair fall, greasy hair, dandruff or itchy scalp. Enjoy this monsoon with a hot cup of coffee, lazy Sundays and beautiful hair everyday with these top 4 easy hair care tips!

1. Use Mild Shampoo – Washing your hair with a mild shampoo keeps your hair and scalp clean and healthy. When your hair gets drenched in the rain using a mild shampoo for a hair wash followed by a nourishing conditioner. Get rid of the shampoo and conditioner that contain harsh chemicals because haircare products loaded with chemicals will strip the natural oil from your hair making it brittle and dry.

2. Hot Oil Treatment – One shouldn’t forget that our hair needs moisture in this weather. Though our hair might become a little greasy due to the climatic conditions, we need to moisturise our hair to keep it nourished. Hot oil treatment will help you in keeping your hair and scalp nourished. Using coconut oil or olive oil along with some essential oils and gently massaging your scalp shows great results.

3. Dry Your Hair Properly – Cotton towels or the fast dry napkins are the best and easiest way to dry your hair and absorb excess water. It is advised to always let your hair dry out naturally after a head bath and avoid using blow dryers or heating equipment during the rainy season.

4. No Unnecessary Heat – The change of season plays havoc on your hair and scalp. Especially during monsoon, your tresses need extra TLC. Most of us reach for a hair drier to get rid of the frequent dampness in the hair. But this can lead to excessive dryness and dandruff and also rob your hair of its natural oil.

The key to healthy hair is to pamper them from inside and out. While shampoo and conditioner will help you with a cleanse from the outside, it is important that you opt for regular spa treatments from professionals to nourish your hair and roots. You can get a professional hair spa service that offers personalised deep treatments and conditioning for your hair and scalp that helps soothe your scalp and hair by removing dandruff flakes, excess oil and unnecessary odor, leaving your hair smelling fresh and delightful. This Monsoon our top Hair experts from the industry at STUDIO11 Salon & Spa are ready to pamper your hair at your nearest STUDIO11 Salon.