Nail Spa

Cutting, filing and polishing are our specialities and will give your nails added sheen. We’re only too happy to change or add polish and contribute just a little more colour to your life.

Foot Spa

Our foot spa selections include the basic pedicure, French pedicure, Moisturizing pedicure, Anti-oxidant pedicure, Brightening pedicure and De-tanning pedicure. These specialized services will leave your feet silky smooth and soft.

Hand Spa

When your hardworking hands need a rest, treat them to manicures ranging from the Basic and French manicures to Anti-oxidant manicure,  Moisturizing manicure or the beautiful Brightening and De-tanning manicure. Our approach is hands-on with lovely results.

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"Ever since I started my business, I hardly get any time to take care about my self. But with Studio11 right in my neighborhood I can make time for some me-time!”

Rahul, Businessman