5 Beauty Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Getting In A Flap Over

There are so many beauty rules and regulations set by the media but realistically none of us will ever be able to follow them to the letter — be it time, energy, understanding or finances preventing us from doing so. Although there are certain things worth either avoiding or adopting. Here are the five ‘mistakes’ many of us make, and why you shouldn’t get in a flap over them.

1. Reaching for a face wipe

Face wipes do serve a purpose: to help remove the superficial layer of dirt we see in the mirror after a long day that felt like it was never going to end. Although they will only ever remove the top layer of makeup and offer nothing in the way of a deep cleanse, something is better than nothing. Just don’t make it a regular occurrence as the alcohol can dry out skin, while the remaining grime on your face will inevitably cause breakouts.

2. Not double cleansing

If you wear heavy makeup and/or SPF you should definitely be cleansing twice in the evening to ensure your complexion is squeaky clean, but if you suffer from dryness or irritation, wear only a little or no makeup, or simply have a tendency to over scrub, then a singular cleanse may be all you need. If you’re prone to breakouts, acne or rosacea, then definitely stick to a gentle single cleanse.

3. Using too much dry shampoo

Dry shampoos are designed to draw out moisture from the hair and scalp, removing the ‘lank’ feeling that can often occur between washes; however, when overused they can actually remove too much moisture. Despite that, dry shampoo is one of the biggest must-haves and is used so often that we can’t really remember a time without it. Rather than ditching it or feeling guilty, opt for a lighter and more natural version that won’t clog the hair follicles – your head will be happy, plus you can get those extra minutes in bed.

4. Forgetting a base coat

Always use a base coat in order to provide protection and help to strengthen the nail.

5. Dying your whole head (Not just the roots)

Although it is better for your hair to apply to the roots for the majority of the time, topping up the rest of your locks in the last few minutes, realistically you won’t overly damage your Barnet by chucking on more dye – especially when most of the time it’s already saturated with the same colour. If your priority is those annoying Grey’s, get on with it and then get on with your life.

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