Five Reasons Why People Love Airbrush Makeup

What is Airbrush Makeup? Dissimilar to traditional cosmetics procedures where makeup is connected with fingers, wipes, Brushes and different mediums; Airbrush makeup on skin utilizes an airbrush trigger or gun. Airbrushed makeup was first used in the film 1959 Ben Hur, where the makeup artists used the technique to apply makeup to a large cast, and from that point forward has grown a major route in media outlet and now with expanded presentation this has made a critical place in everyday cosmetics likewise and prominence is expanding for the new and faultless outcomes it gives.

Here are some reasons that we at STUDIO11 and our customers absolutely love Airbrush Makeup

1. Water-Resistant

Airbrush makeup is highly water-resistant in comparison to normal makeup. The problem of fading makeup due to perspiration is solved with high scores, you blot your face and your makeup is still in place (that is your face and not tissue) without any fading or melting up to 15 to 18 hrs and you can take it off with your makeup remover.

2. Matte Finish

The liquid makeup used in airbrushing instantly dries to give a matte finish so no worries about shiny nose or chin or forehead is an added advantage.

3. Hygienic

In terms of hygiene, spray on makeup is on top. Any makeup artist would tell you how this helps to ease hygiene concerns when using the same makeup for a number of people. When using traditional lipstick, for example, the product has to touch the lips directly, and this can cause the growth of bacteria on the lipstick which then becomes unhealthy with each use. With makeup that comes as a spray, the woman does not directly touch the makeup, so it doesn’t matter if it’s applied to different women. Hygiene is definitely promoted with the use of makeup that never touches a surface, unless the tip of the makeup spray does, which is highly unlikely.

4. Lesser time and effort

In conventional makeup, one needs to go steps after steps to first create the base and after that apply makeup with not-so-trained hands is time-consuming whereas once got hold on this your makeup is all fun and not so time-consuming.

5. Flawless skin

Flawless skin is yet another advantage as earlier told camouflaging not so good looking marks, scars and imperfections are better with this one.

Convinced yet? We knew you would be. So give Airbrush Makeup a try for your next event or better yet for your Bridal Makeup.

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