Job Overview

Sr. Beautician provides  personal care services to clients with regard to skin  and nails. She  not only helps with the application of treatments but also with advising and recommending appropriate services via client consultations. She should have creative flair, excellent eye-hand coordination and the ability to work efficiently and calmly under pressure. Serving as a personal care consultant, she must recommend or sell products to clients that provide aid to their physical requirements such as moisturizers to sooth dry skin and soaps specially formulated for oily skin.                                          

Key Job Responsibilities

■      Evaluating an individual’s treatment of skin or body problems and recommending a treatment.
■      Perform beauty treatments to a high standard.
■      Applying facials and make up. 
■      Helping customers to complete medical questionnaires so any allergies or health issues are flagged up.
■      Administering Manicures, Pedicures and Nail Treatments.
■      Booking clients in for appointments.
■      Being attentive to guests at all times.
■      Assuring the highest standard of customer care and services at all time.
■      Advising clients on slimming treatments and diets if required.
■      Resolving any Customer Complaints.
■      Giving sales presentations to potential customers, explaining the benefits of our service.
■      Perform the Trimming, shaping and coloring the finger and toe nails of clients.
■      Making sure that all equipment is properly sanitized and cleaned.
■      Facial waxing of customers.
■      Making and cancelling appointments.
■      Teaching clients how to maintain a particular look.
■      Record details of all treatments taken for each client.
■      Promote the sale of beauty products in conjunction with beauty treatments.

Skills Required:

  • Excellent communication skills and effectively bilingual.
  • Be a good and patient listener.
  • Flexible for long working Hours.
  • Ability to work independently as well as be a team player.
  • Being discreet, honest & punctual.
  • Motivated and result-oriented individual.
  • Pleasant looking and Well-groomed.
  • Excellent vision with perfect eye-hand coordination.
  • Good customer service skills and able to work under pressure

Qualification :

Diploma from a reputed Institution

Experience :

Above of 4-5 years of real time professional experience needed

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