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There’s nothing more refreshing,than having skin that breathes!

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Your skin bears pollution, stress and a hectic lifestyle as much as you do. Unlike other assets, skin will just quietly absorb the damage and then slowly show signs of aging. It is therefore important you replenish it regularly and it will surely return the favour making you look younger!

On the onset our experts will thoroughly assess your skin. With expert care, proven specialist equipment, and high quality products* we then offer safe and result-driven treatments suitable for you.
*We use only Dermologica products recommended by the most trusted skin experts world-wide.


Skin gets aged on account of internal and external factors. Internal factors include inability of the skin to retain moisture, decrease in Elastin production and less turnover of new skin cells. External factors include the lifestyle and environment like exposure to sun, cold, poor diet, too much stress or lack of exercise.
We help replenish the damage by:

  • Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing
  • Treating blemishes and dark spots
  • Skin firming and toning
  • Supplements for healthy complexion

Dark circles

A huge percentage of people are prone to having dark circles for reasons ranging from heredity, stress, prolonged exposure to sunlight, lack of sleep, fatigue or genetic hyper-pigmentation.
We help control them by:

  • Pigment treatments
  • Eye massages
  • Effective dark circle treatment products
  • Recommended diet and lifestyle practices


Skin pigmentation is irregular skin coloring which can be caused by changes in the skin melanin triggered by over exposure to the sun, the use of oral or birth control pills, pregnancy and even chemicals found in certain perfumes, soaps and shampoos.
We help regulate this pigmentation significantly by:

  • Lift facial pigmentation
  • Smoothening of skin
  • Reduction of blemishes

Acne Treatment

Skin prone to acne is highly irritable and capable of leaving layers of dead skin and ugly scars behind. Whether triggered by age, stress or bacteria, a thorough treatment can reduce breakouts considerably leaving your skin unblemished and beautiful.
We cure the ailment by:

  • Elimination of clogged pores through gentle exfoliation
  • Reduction of existing acne by balancing pH levels of skin
  • Reduction of redness and irritation
  • Prevention of future acne breakout

Go for it.Your skin won’t be able to thank you enough!